The Fitting Room - Collars

How to Measure for a Cat Collar

Take a soft measuring tape and measure the circumference of your pet's neck, close to the shoulder where the collar will sit. When you take the measurement, the tape measure should be loose enough to fit one or two fingers comfortably underneath. Make sure that the tape can't slip over your cat’s ears. If you don't have a soft measuring tape, use a piece of string, mark your cat's neck measurement, and then measure the string against a ruler.

Alternatively, if your cat has a collar that already fits perfectly, lay it out flat and measure from the buckle to your pet's preferred buckle hole.


Choosing the Perfect Size
All Clothes for Cats cat collars are sized in inches from the first to the last hole. For a perfect fit, try to select a collar size range that your cat's neck measurement sits in the middle of. For example if your cat's neck measurement is 9", then a 8-10" sized collar will provide a perfect fit.

When choosing a collar for a kitten remember to choose one that is fully adjustable and provides lots of growing room to ensure comfort. All Clothes for Cats cat collars have five or more buckle holes so you can find a snug and comfortable fit. 
Although it is recommended that you should always measure your pet before purchasing a new collar you may wish to check the size guide for an idea of what size your pet will need.


Still a Perfect Fit?
After wearing a new collar for a short time, check your cat’s neck. If your cat has any redness or hair loss under the collar then adjust the collar to make it bigger. It is especially important to regularly check the fit of a kitten's collar, as they can out-grow a collar very quickly.